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Our family is growing!

No, I'm not pregnant.

We got a kitty!!

His name is Sherlock, and he came home with us from the Humane Society yesterday. He is 9 months old and was found in a dumpster with his brother Watson. Watson got an application yesterday and will be going home soon too! Yay :)

Last night we took him home and put him in the basement in the cat carrier (when you adopt a cat from a shelter you are advised to give them a 'safe room' for a few days to a week for them to get used to the smells and sounds of the house before letting them get exposed to all of it little by little so they don't get overwhelmed) and as soon as we opened the door, out he went and he started exploring. We sat on the couch and played on our phones while he explored and we'd talk to him when he meowed. About 5 minutes after we let him out he jumped right up on the couch onto Steve's lap and started purring.

He is the snuggliest kitty in the world. If you pick him up, he starts purring instantly. He will sit with us on the couch and cuddle for long bouts at a time. I've never had a cat that was so loving!! It was very hard leaving his cutie face this morning.
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