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It has been 10 weeks and I still haven't received my marriage certificate from the Department of Vital Statistics in Hawaii.  I called then yesterday and they refused to even look it up because it had not been over 90 days!  I guess their new timeline is 90 to 120 days if you do not request the expedited service.  I wish I would have known that.
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Re: Frustrated

  • jtolyjtoly member
    Wow! I'm gonna ask for it to be expedited! Is that an extra cost? Also did you ask for extra certified copies?
    ~jenn~ Photobucket Anniversary
  • It must be an extra cost.  It was never offered to us so we did not know to ask.  We did not order extra copies either.  I will just have to change 1 thing at time!
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  • thats insane!  I hope you get it soon.  And definitely hope you got some certified copies.  That would stink to have to wait all over again for them.
  • There are so many weddings in Hawaii that it takes a really long time to get it. I wouldn't bother with getting it expedited. Those I know who did that only got it about a week sooner.

  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North member
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    They told us 3 months.  But because we also did our license online, we can technically get a copy online too.  The system hasn't worked yet though, so we haven't seen a copy.  You need a reference number from the license to do it
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  • We were told 120 days. If we wanted expedited we were given instructions that we had to pay by money order, and return to the dept of health with it. Well honestly I totally checked out as the woman explained because we had already waited quite a bit to get in and we did not need our certificate for anything (other than health insurance is there a reason to need it fast? Am I missing anything?) So I didn't really pay attention to what she said after she mentioned money order, and come back to Honolulu for it. We got married on the north shore and no way did we want to spend time doing more errands after the wedding.
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