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Travel Agent and bridesmaid stressing me out

So I've been super stressed lately! First of all, it turns out the travel agent I picked sucks. I keep getting text messages of complaints from my guests. I feel so bad that I picked a travel agent that seems to not work well with anybody. And because of it I get a bunch of calls and emails from everybody complaining about her. Of couse, I voice my frustration to my fiance and he doesn't get it. And why would he? Guys never get. After all, he's not the one getting all the hate mail! 

It's too late for me to change travel agents. I know how upset my guests are. I just wish they didn't all have to complain to me about it to me. I already have a lot going on. On top of that, I've been feeling so guilty that I picked an agent that just seems to be causing stress for everyone for my wedding! 

Secondly, my one bridesmaid who i love to death is completely MIA. I get that she's in gradschool in chicago and I'm in NJ, but she hasn't been helpful at all. She barely answers text messages and never returns phone calls. I haven't heard from her really in weeks. But of course, she had no problem calling to ask me if she can bring her new boyfriend to the wedding after she broke up with the old one even though she already agreed to room with my other bridesmaid who didn't have a date to bring. 

It's my fault for saying that she could bring the new date, but now I'm running around trying to find someone to stay with my other bridesmaid so she dosn't have to pay extra for staying in a single room. 

Ok, sorry for the long rant. Just had to get it out. 
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Re: Travel Agent and bridesmaid stressing me out

  • Aww, that sucks about the travel agent! We thought about getting one ourselves but I know my family and they are all just going to call me anyway so we didn't pursue it.Hopefully the bulk of the folks have voiced their concerns and now you won't hear any more?

    Good luck finding someone for your bridesmaid to room with.

    Have a nice big glass of wine - that always makes me feel better! **hugs**
  • Who are you using as a TA, Terri? How much longer til the big day? Any contracts with them?Where is the wedding?

    As far as your friend, you could check on rates for one adult in the room. I know for my resort, if the price was $800 for the room with max of 2 adults, I assumed it would be the same for one adult. Instead of it being $400 per person, the single price was like $500 or something like that. Though slightly more expensive than if they would have shared with someone else, it was still cheaper than the full cost, and for some, a more convenient option. 
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this Terri... A travel agent will either make it break you- i asked tons of girls about the one I'm using before i went ahead with it and i couldn't be happier! What would happen if you told her you no longer needed her services? Our are deposits still with her pending the payment of balances? If you're going to deal with ask of it anyway you may want to just take over as it is.... Is it possible? And i wouldn't stress about your BM, mine haven't helped at all and I'm still somewhat standing. Hopefully when the day/week gets here she'll be in wedding mode. And who knows her and her new bf may not work out our he may not decide to come after all... When is the wedding btw... Maybe we can help!
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