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Hi ladies.  First I'd like to say that the DW Knotties are the best!  SmileI had an etiquette question and they bit my head off.  So nasty!

Anyway, I'm getting married in 22 days in Turks & Caicos.  Our families can't make it so were basically eloping.  My FSIL is planning a reception for us back home.  I want to incorporate some "Tropical-ness" (totally made up a word) from our T&C wedding.  Any ideas?  Thanks ladies!

Re: Reception Back Home

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    Maybe put those little umbrellas in peoples drinks, or put some candles in a glass container with sand in the container. You could get sea shells as decorations, or tiki lights. Oh this is fun thinking about!

    P.S. And I totally agree that this is the best board! I have had my head ripped off and handed to me on another board here for asking a question! This is definitely the most supportive board! I love it!
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    Love, love the DW board on TK! How about picking tropical theme colors like the turquoise of the ocean around T and C?
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    I agree with previous post you can also have "tropical drinks" a signature drink. Maybe people's attire can be tropical. Just a few ideas!
    Your wedding location is Amazing!! can't wait to see your pics
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    We are doing centerpieces with sand and seashell, also since our AHR is a few months after we get married we will have photo books for people to go through from our wedding.   If you are doing favors you could get seashell candy molds, or cookie cutters, parasols in their drinks.  Have tropical themed music playing in the background during dinner.  There are so many different creative ways to incorperated just depends on how much time after you get married to do them.... Those are a few I can think off the top of my head, if I can come up with more I will write them down. 
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    First, congrats!!!!!

    For our AHR, like pp, we decorated all of the tables with a seashells and sand theme (and lots of candles).  We had a signature drink made that we called the "Jamaican Smile" (though it was not made like a true Jamaican Smile, everyone still loved it and I doubt barely anyone noticed).  They were served with fruit and umbrellies.  We also had a beach themed cake decorated with seashells.  We also decorated the cake table with seashell candles and seashell was also draped with fishnet.  And during the "cocktaill hour" we played a slideshow of our DW trip & wedding (set to Bob Marley since we wed in Jamaica).  We also had the DJ play Caribbean/ steel drum music from our iPod during dinner.  For dinner we had the caterer add Jerk chicken to the menu and they also created a big palm tree out of pineapples for us (of course no one got a picture of that!).  Our "card box" was a "treasure chest" (found at JoAnn Fabrics).

    And our guests just loved it!  They were very surprised for some reason (but it was different and awesome). 

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    OMG!!  All of you are full of WONDERFUL ideas!  It's so exciting!  I am definitely gonna use them.  Unfortunately I was born without a creative bone in my body.  Thank goodness for my creative FSIL and my fellow DW Knotties. 

    I'm going to start downloading some Tropical Music to my Ipod.  My FSIL thought of white lights all over her yard (she also has a pool).  Definitely gonna have some Margaritas and Kahlua (my bro is a pretty good bartender). Love the Treasure Box idea, the sand and seashells..... so excited!

    Thanks again ladies!  I'll keep you all updated!
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