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Transporting The Dress

Hi, ladies!  I really haven't posted on the board at all since FI and I are eloping, but I know you are all experts with this stuff!  To get to and from our destinations, we have a LOT of traveling to do - plane, plane, plane, boat; boat, plane, helicopter; helicopter, plane, plane!  I'll be bringing my dress (which is traditional and has a fullish skirt.  Right now it's in a plastic bag covered with the white vinyl (?) bag given to me where I bought the dress.  However, it's still really long and poofy at the bottom.  I KNOW there has got to be a better way to transport it.  What kind of bag are you using?  I would love something that would double the dress up if possible so it doesn't drag - I have to hold my arm over my head to make sure it doesn't! 

Please help!  We leave in 6 days!
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Re: Transporting The Dress

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    I just put mine in a regular garmet bag and took it with me. Mine wasn't poofy at all though, so I really don't know what to tell you there!
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    I'm having the same issue....what airline are you flying? Are they offering you a place to hang your dress during the flight??
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    I used the garment bag that it came in and carried it on. I was able to hang it in the first class cabin on all three flights.
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    We are flying Alaskan Air and then Air Pacific.  I haven't asked about hanging it - is that something I should do beforehand?  I think I am most concerned about getting out to the islands once we land in Fiji - puddle jumpers, little boats, helicopters.  I am also wearing my dress for a small reception when we get back so I don't want anything happening to it! 
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    I would get at least a garment bag that isn't open at the bottom. David's Bridal sells one that is white vinyl and zips all the way up for carry on. It's $10. That's where I bought my dress and garment bag.

    Most airlines will let you hang the dress. I would just tell the counter assistance when you get to the gate and they'll help you.

    GL and congrats!
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    I double bagged my dress in two zippered garment bags (I bought them at a prom dress store). The bridal store had put a plastic garment bag over it and I left that on too. We had three flights, and there was only one flight that had a closet. On the other two flights I had to lay the dress across bags in the overheard bins. It was raining when we landed at our location, which is why I was really glad I had left the plastic bag over the dress and then double bagged it in zippered garment bags. The outer bag was completely gross on the bottom but my dress was spotless.
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    Thanks for the suggestions!  I ended up buying this bag
    on amazon.  I am hoping it will get to us on time.  I like it because it folds in half, which will make the dress easier to get around.  I don't know - fingers crossed!

    Thanks for the help and good luck with your weddings!
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    If it doesn't get to you in time, the good news is that carrying around a garmet bag from a wedding dress store sure does get you noticed in the airport!  The lady who checked me in wanted to chat about "Say Yes to the Dress"... and awesomely didn't charge me even though my suitcase was overweight.  So there are perks!

    I had a crazy travel schedule too: taxi - train - first flight - connecting flight - taxi - boat.   That's what you gotta do to get to St. John!!!

    I had a traditional ballgown as well, and I just folded it over my arm while walking.  The worst bit for me was the seven-seat Cessna we took from San Juan to St. Thomas, but luckily the pilot was nice enough to lay the dress down in the back.

    If you are going somewhere without a proper cleaners to press your gown--as I was-- I recommend getting this hand steamer: It is the most powerful small steamer you can buy, and it worked really well!

    Here's a few pics of my gown on my wedding day:

    Photography by AMANDA JULCA
    . . .

    Caneel Bay, St John USVI

    Good luck!
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