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I cracked up at your last post on TN!  If it's any consulation to you, I thought my wedding coordinator sucked, too, but as the wedding got closer, she did a 180.  I tend to think that they are more concerned about the weddings they have in front of them, rather than the ones further out.  I know it sucks to hear that, but that's just been my experience.  I talked such trash about her early on and now I think she's great.

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    I'm sooo glad to hear that!  I've got another hurdle tho too.  The coordinator that we had (that sucked) just told us she is PG so she's taking leave from October - January.  This means she's transferring our account, but hasn't put a new name to it yet.  I was hoping to get more info on whether the crappy service was just this one lady or if the whole place is like that.  I think you're right though - the close it gets, the easier and nicer they will be?  Why is it that people don't answer email?  Jay and I decided that because of this, the florist, and the coordination with the church that we should just get on a plane and go down there for a weekend.  Luckily we were able to get super cheap flights and the hotel is cutting us a REALLY good break.  Hopefully we'll find a much better attitude when we're there... Thanks for the moral support :)
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    Well at least you're getting a mini vaca out of it :)
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