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Order of at home reception events?

Wedding in Negril is in exactly 2 weeks! We're then having a party/reception at a restaurant Labor Day weekend, so a week after we return home - and it's more of a cocktail/heavy apps. type of event. Do we do our "first dance" right after we make our entrance? We're having cupcakes so no cake cutting but doing a garter toss, maybe a bouquet toss. That all comes after light eating, yes? Any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks, ladies!

Re: Order of at home reception events?

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    The beauty of an AHR is that there really aren't any rules!! You can do it however you want! I think we will have an entrance followed by a "first dance"... Then we will mingle a while... Then do a cake cutting... Mingle some more... Then do a garter and bouquet toss... More mingling :). Nothing really structured or formal :)
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    Yikes.. I never really gave this a thought!  Hmmmm.  Moret to add on my lists to do.  :)
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    Do you plan to have assigned tables at your AHR?  Or is it more informal  - so that people can come and go as they please.   We have a very small budget for our AHR, so we are very cautious of using the word "reception".
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    You can't miss out on cake cutting! Cut a cupcake!
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    Good points, girls! Yes, the beauty of an AHR is it doesn't need to be structured and ours won't be formal, so to speak, which I love the idea of - just need to remember all that! We did word our invite as "a celebration of vows" and not a "reception," so I think we're safe! And I like the idea of "cake cutting" a cupcake! Our vendor is topping the cupcake tier with a cheesecake bride and a groom cupcake (so cute looking!) so should work perfectly!
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