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NWR: Earring Question

Sorry for the random question but I thought you ladies might be able to help.  Up until a couple of months ago I have never had any sensitivity problems with my ears and I have worn earrings everyday for, I don't know, the last 20 years.  Every once in awhile I might get a little irritation if I wore fake earrings for several days in a row but nothing serious.  Lately I haven't been able to wear them because everytime I do my ears scab and itch.  I have worn nothing but sterling or gold, any suggestions to what could be causing this and how to fix it?    

Re: NWR: Earring Question

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    My only suggestion is to make sure you only wear the earrings during the day. Take them off as soon as you get home. Otherwise, I'm no real help. I can't wear anything but gold or surgical steel for more than a few hours before my ears get red. :(
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    Surgical steel might be the way to go for you!
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    Yeah I'm a surgical steel girl too.  Even then I can't keep them in for too long otherwise they'll get itchy and swolen.  Did you recently get an additional piercing?  Mine didn't start to irritate me until my 3rd hole went in during HS. 
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    Thanks ladies although I don't like your responses ;).  No new piercings, this just came out of the blue.
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    what about trying white gold?that is the only thing i can wear for a long period of time
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    I have always been seriously allergic to nickel... I can only wear fish hooks, platinum, or gold more than 14 k. I would suggest taking a break, using some neosporin, and wearing your absolute lightest in weight and purest in metal earrings that you have for a while to see if it passes due to the weather and allergies.
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    I can only wear 24k gold or niobian, not sure of the spelling. It is similar to surgical steal, but a little different. It is what they used at the piercing boutique I used to frequent on pretty much a weekly basis :) It came in different colors, but I only ever saw them in hoops. I want the earrings that match my necklace and bracelet, but I am in the same boat. Since my ears are so sensitive I haven't even put earrings in my ears for about 3 years, they might be closed up :(
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