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*** Iris ***

Hey!  I was wondering if you ever decided to go with La Barcaza for your reception?Sorry about all the drama with FMIL, sometimes they can be quite difficult!

Re: *** Iris ***

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    Hey Danielle,I think we are 99% we are going to do it. I just need to do the deposit and the wire transfer. I guess i am waiting because i don't know if we'll have enough people (i.e 20) to make it worthwhile.Was the wire transfer easy?
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    I had a hell of a time with it (excuse my french) because my bank kept telling me they needed the SWIFT code for the wire transfer.  Flori finally gave me a second bank to try after my 3rd trip to the bank and it worked, but now worries, I think I have both SWIFT numbers saved in case you need them.
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