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When did you register?

We're not getting married until November 2010, but I am getting the itch to register. Is it too soon? FI thinks it is b/c we're not expecting gifts any time soon and some of the things we could register for (casual dining stuff, martha stewert kitchenaid stuff at macy's, etc) may not be available next year when people actually are ready to buy us gifts. Is FI right? Should I just take a deep breath and hold off?

Re: When did you register?

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    I would probably hold off. But if you have to, you could start the registry online and add things to it there. Just make sure to watch all of it closely once you start sending out invites for your shower and such so if anything is no longer available you can delete it.
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    I would wait... people won't start looking for gifts until you have showers planned, and your FI is right - some stuff won't be available. We registered 6 months out and almost all of the china we picked is hard to find... :-(
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    I agree, I would hold off if I was you because you  might find better things in a few months and the things you do see now might not be there by next year.

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    Thanks ladies. :) I guess I will put this silly registry notion to rest for a bit. I just hate it when FI is right haha.
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    Haha, I know how you feel!  My shower won't be until Feb, so I figure I'll wait until just after Christmas... But I want to do it now :)
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    I've actually already started registering. I sent out my STDs last month and once people received them they started bugging me about our registeries. I kept telling them that we've still got 10 months and that I haven't registered yet, and they kept bugging I just went ahead and did it. My plan is to wait a few months and then go back in and update them, and then update them again when we're a few months out.  
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    Yeah, I agree with everyone. You should wait just because what you put on the registries now may not be there a few months down the road. But it is hard to wait! We're probably going to wait 6-8 months before the wedding.
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