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These pics made me drool

If you have never been to Asheville or the Biltmore - make it a destination.  Craig shot my friend's wedding and he did a fantastic job shooting this girl's bridal potraits.  I am not trying to promote his business.  I was just thinking about how most of us are doing "beachy" themed weddings and how fun the Biltomore would be.

Re: These pics made me drool

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    Those are gorgeous!
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    It is amazingly beautiful there. And those pictures are truly stunning. We looked at it way back when.. if I was having a large wedding, I'd do something like that.
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    I can't wait to visit the Biltmore when I'm out there next.  Our equivalent is the Huntington Library which is a shack by comparison.  The photos of her on the balcony are absolutely breathtaking.
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    My FI lives in Asheville and I will be moving there next year. Trust me the Biltmore is amazing! We've gone to visit twice. I can't wait to do a wedding there. From what I understand they give you full run of the grounds to do photography if you've paid to get married there. I was also told that it was SO $10,000 to have a wedding/reception. Still it is breathtaking.
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