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So Frustrated re:OOT Bags

I'm so mad!  I just got done putting the iron-on on our OOT bags and all but 2 of them came out horribly.  They have big spots that are missing the decal.  That was about $60 down the drain.  I guess I'm going to be using paper bags from Michael's instead of the canvas ones that I had bought.  Grrrr!

Re: So Frustrated re:OOT Bags

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    Oh No!!! :-( Is there any way to get the transfer off? You could take them to a craft store and see if they have any ideas on how to fix them... ?
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    Totally poopy. I'm so sorry!!
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    i was just at target and in there $2.50 bin section they had CUTE canvas bags that would be perfect for OOT bags.  they are a great size too.
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    Booo! I'm sorry. Any chance you can try and throw them in the washer and it come off? Or is it possible to scrub off the decal with a scrub brush?
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    I don't think the decal will come off, it's on there pretty good. I had put the decal on the pocket on the outside of the bag, so I tried cutting the pocket off. That doesn't look so hot either.
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    Could you stitch some cute fabric over the patch? Maybe iron on something?? What about taking off the pocket and replacing it with some cute fabric that you then use to cover the handles too?I don't sew so no idea if this is do-able but I wouldn't pitch the bags just yet!
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