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Speaking of OOT Bags

I want to put OFF in our OOT bags...we are getting married in St Thomas and when we went this past May for our site visit the bugs were awful!! Of course our guests will be able to buy it at the hotel but like everything else they charge an arm & leg for it. Target had some on clearance this my question is if I buy it will I be able to bring it on the plane??

Re: Speaking of OOT Bags

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    That's a good question..... I bought an insect repellent in a spray pump bottle versus an areosal can and I didn't have any problems bringing it on my flights this past summer.  I did put them in my checked luggage though.....For our Welcome bags, I think I'm going to get the  repellent that comes in a package... sorta like wet wipes.  :) 
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    I don't think you will have any issues if you check it. Just make sure you get everything bundled up in plastic bags - you don't want any of that stuff getting all over everything!! HTH!
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    I always travel with OFF because you just never know but I have to check it because if you take it on your carry on they'll take it away from you. I don't think you'll have a problem though.

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    Like pp, I got insect "wipes"...they're individually packaged and small and I won't have to worry about spillage in  my luggage!  I think each guest will be getting 4 packets each.
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    You may wan to inquire with the airline.  I had a friend who was traveling for her wedding and she got stopped for having TOO much "aerosol" products in her checked luggage.  She ended up having to throw out a bunch of her hair stuff!  Either go with wipes or the no aerosol or double check is my advice.
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