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Hey- I saw in your post about Sandals not allowing outside vendors and how you had to spend time with the resorts photog and have him annoy you...My question is, how did you guys manage Leah taking your photos then?  I'm just interested because our resort is similar, but I would have to pay for their photog, so I don't think it'll be an issue of having to entertain them.  Just wondering what you told the resort about Leah- or did they just assume she was a guest and not ask?

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    OMG- I guess I should have read the post before mine... lol, sorry!  Hope you don't mind being asked the same ? twice.
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    I didn't give a really clear answer in the other post, so here goes: I tried to be clear with the WCs that we had a friend coming that did photography on the side and would be taking pics to help us out. They were fine with it and didn't ask questions. However, when the wedding day came, there wasn't much of a voice in taking pics with them and Leah told me she got yelled at by someone for getting in the way. She basically tried to get all the same shots that the sandals photog got but then took a lot over if she didn't get the right angle. ( this is what pissed me off bc I would have rather spent my time with her than with them.) we missed the whole steel drum band due to this situation & I hope someone has it on tape. You can't really do too much since you're the one breaking the rules. Hoefully once I see Leah's pics I'll be totally happy and over the whole thing!
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    Voice = choice
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    Thanks for the insight!  Like I said, since we def aren't paying to use the resorts photog, ours won't be volleying for attention, I just hope the resort doesn't want to start asking ?'s.  My TA said they prob won't bother me though about it.  Just to tell the resort "you don't require their photography services" and leave it at that.  I'm so happy everything went so well for your wedding.  I'm sure your pics from Leah are going to exceed your expectations!!!
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