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Tan Suit Jackets - Kohl's 80% off!

I was in Kohl's last night school shopping with my son, and they had tan linen (really nice) suit jackets (I think they were Chaps brand) on the CLEARANCE rack for $40!!! I checked the tag it was originally a $200 jacket - so 80% off! They had plenty too (at least up here in NY), but did not get to check if they had the matching pants or not. I hope someone can take advantage of htis great deal.

Re: Tan Suit Jackets - Kohl's 80% off!

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    Wow!  What a great deal!We still need to get FI his suit.  Hopefully I can talk him into checking out Kohl's this weekend.  For some reason it's like pulling teeth to get him to go suit shopping.  And time is running short!
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    We totally got this deal!!  We paid a total of $60 of FI's suit!!  Yay for Kohl's!
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