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Inspired by the Facebook thread.  I need advice on a really "middle school" situation.  Two of my friends (K and D) have a baby together.  They split up about two months ago and D has a new girlfriend.  We've hung out with them a few times and the new girlfriend just friend requested me.  K is not handling the situation very well and I know if I accept the friend request the new girl will tag me in pictures with her and D.  I don't want K to see this and get more upset.  So, do you think I should just send the new girl a message saying something like, "I really enjoy hanging out with you and always have a great time.  I'm not sure how much you know about the situation with K and D but I don't want to rub your relationship in her face.  I don't think we should be facebook friends right now.  I hope you understand".  I hate drama and am too old for the BS, any suggestions?

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    I would go with  your message.  If you and K have been friends long then I wouldn't make her feel worse right now. But when the time is right and if the new girlfriend and you are getting  close I will let K know before she hears it from someone else.

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    That's a tricky situation. You can always make pics that she posts/tags you in private so that K can't see them. I wouldn't want to rub it in either, so if you can't make them private, I would send your message. That way you don't offend the new girl or your friend.
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    I agree. I think your idea is the best. The new girl will understand and as long as you're nice to her too (and it sounds awesome) then everyone should be happy. Give K some time to adjust, and then rethink it in a little bit.
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