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CNN in 2010

Hey Natalie :) We are getting married at the Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta on November 15, 2010. So we are only about 15 days apart. :) I can not WAIT to go dress shopping. I'll probably go around January, too if I can stand to wait that long.  I'd like to see if lose some more weight before I go shopping. I've joined some of the knotties on the DW Fitness Challenge and they've been great inspiration so losing about 40 lbs by January is completely possible I think. :) Jim Hjelm has been my fave for a long time. I could pretty much see myself in any of his gowns, but the last one I posted made me stop in my tracks. It's FI's favorite, too. So now I HAVE to get it haha. :) Are you on Facebook? I'd love to be FB friends since we'll be around together on the Knot for the long haul :) late 2010 girls unite! haha

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    I did see Meghan's post about doing Shred.  Fi and I are going to start doing PX90 with some friends, a lot of the guys in the military love it and say it works just like in boot camp, so I'm going to give that a try.  I'm nervous because they say it's a really hard work out but I'm up for the challenge.  Good luck to you too!! We'll get there and when January comes around we'll be hot mama's on a mission to find the perfect wedding dress :o)I know what you mean about getting the label dress.  I honestly didn't think about having my dress made until I say my friends dress it was so beautiful and it looked like it was purchased at a bridal salon.  When she told me how much it cost her to have the dress made that convinced me even more.  The dress she wanted was $5,000 she had the replica dress made in the color/fabric she wanted for $300.00!  That's my kind of deal hahaBut it's not for everyone and maybe when I try on my JH dress I will think the same way and want an original.  Like you said things could change when January rolls around which isn't that far away though, 4 months or so?  :O( I'm gonna go work out now hahaGood luck with the Shred! Let me know how it goes, I'll check in with you and let you know how my weight loss attempts go :O) Take care,Natalie
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