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Tips for engagement photos?

Hey ladies! The day is almost here! Mike and I are doing our engagement photos tomorrow evening! Our photog told us some things, but I was wondering if you ladies who have already been through them had anything I should consider/keep in mind? TIA!

Re: Tips for engagement photos?

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    We loved doing our e-pics so much that we took more tonight. My advice is to have fun! Try different things, and make sure you don't let the photographer control you. The more ideas you come up with the more they will be "your" photos. Can't wait to see them!
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    Hey Robyn,Yes, definitely have fun! :) And don't wear matching white shirts, as they supposedly don't come out well on pics.I felt a little odd posing and kissing for the camera and stuff but i think i was just camera shy. Enjoy it :) We had a great time!
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    I am so jealous of you guys. I wanted to do e-pics SO bad but we just never got around to doing them! I think I may schedule a photography session for us around our 6th month of marriage... just for the fun of it :-)
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    Just relax and TRY to be natural. Make sure they capture different positions, sitting, walking, standing, as possible. This will give you a wide selections to choose from. Also, some "hands" shots and if you are near the beach or on the grass, "feet" shots too.Also, I wish we had brought  a change of clothes and done some more "dressed up" pics, but we did ours on a whim the night before we flew to FL, and then met the photographer 2 hours after we landed, so there was no time to plan and think ahead.
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    It's true, I wouldn't wear matching type shirts but definitely don't go with different patterns! It turns out bad! It's too much contrast and takes away from your faces. If you want to change into a lttle more dressed up look try the classic black cute always looks amazing in photos. Have fun! Do lots of fun stuff, kissing, ride him piggy back, even fly a kite if you're in a park or something. Things like this look beautiful on film. Congrats!
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    dont wear lotion! I put on lotion right before and every time we did a pose sitting in the sand or grass everything stuck to me! I was filthy by the end of it! :)
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