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Help put my mind at ease...

Because this is something really lame to worry about...My FI's wedding shirt just got here.  I think it's spectacular and will look great on him:[url][/url]My only question is...will it look ok in pictures next to what will be my very white dress? (See?  Told you it was lame.)  I think it will...what say you?  The shirt is a kinda creamish color base (pin-striping).

Re: Help put my mind at ease...

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    Are you worried because it has a cream base? Many of the guys are wearing khaki or cream color suits/pants/whatever --- and they turn out great in pictures. :)And the think the orange in the shirt will pop in photos. Are you wearing an orange flower or jewelry --- orange in your bouquet maybe? I think this shirt and your very white dress will look great together --- no worries!
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    That's what I was thinking...then my MOH started saying something about it looking weird in pictures.  I knew you guys would keep me sane!I am thinking of putting some orange in my main colors are green and pink w/ orange as an accent....
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    What a cool shirt! I don't think it will look weird next to your dress.
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    Actually in photos you will hardly be able to tell. They will just look like shades of white. Especially with the flowers breaking it up. I had b-pics done and my dress is ivory and the photographer only had white tulle (did not wear as a veil, but to add to the pics as background), and there it looks fine.
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