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AW: Productive Day (long)

So, FI and I got up this morning ran some errands and when we got home I, me, by my self, shovled 1 TON of stone from the back of his pick up into a wheel barrel, he would dump the wheel barrel in the garden and rake it while I filled it up again! 1 TON of rock!!! Then when we were done I did the Shred and showered my stinky butt off. THEN we painted, well I painted the entire kitchen and dining room,again, and helped him paint the living room. I am pooped. But very happy with all we accomplished today! Tomorrow I am to paint another coat in the living room, help FI with crown molding and baseboard and laying new floor in the kitchen, and Sunday is a MAJOR clean-up day. So everything will be done before our big BBQ next Saturday.Oh, by the way, the 3 extra pounds the stupid scale was holding on me, fell off this morning plus an extra pound, so as of today I lost 1 pound this week but my official weigh in is not until tomorrow morning.I am not a "physical laborer" by any means, so this is HUGE for me. I need a massage, mani and pedi rub down, real good. Thanks for letting me share!

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    Niiiiice!!!! Sounds like you had a great day! :-) AND i am glad that you are starting to see some results on the scale! I told ya that it would happen hehe :-)
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