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I can just feel the questions flowing today ladies, so sorry in advance! So as all of you know we have a LONG engagement, I am okay with it because it was the only way we could do a DW. My question is: would it be weird to have an E-party in May, that would that be about 8 months after our engagement was official and a year before our wedding. We definitely can't afford to do one anytime with in this year. And I would like to do a BBQ type thing, but since we live in OR May is usually the earliest the weather starts to cooperate. Thoughts are appreciated :) TIA!
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Re: E-Party

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    heck yeah!
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    It is fine to have it whenever!  We had ours about 4 months out after we got engaged but I don't think there is any certain hard fast rule around it.  Anyway, we are destination brides, there are no rules for us!  :)
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    We got engaged in October, had our party the end of May and we are getting married next May.  Our reason was because my parents go to Florida for the winter so they weren't around to host it, but noone had any issues.  Plus we timed it so that everyone would have gotten their STD the week before the party.
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