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Are there any funny stories FI told you after the fact?  Maybe something silly that happened when he picked out the ring, or planned the whole shabang.  It's interesting how these things are kept from us until afterwards.When FI proposed, we had a room that led directly to the beach.  There was a huge party next door and he wanted to wait until they were all gone.  Instead after a couple hours he decided to just go farther down.  So he asked me to meet him outisde and bring a few things (as a distraction).  Well he had to hide the bottle in the sand and I guess two drunk girls came down to see what he was doing.  They asked him if he was burying dead bodies in the sand.  He was so irritated with them that they were going to give away the surprise he shooed them off.  Of course he couldn't tell me until after but we had a few laughs.

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    My fiance proposed over dessert and he had it all planned out with the restaurant so that when I ordered my beloved cheese cake, it would come out with the ring. However, I had suspected he might propose that night and I didn't see a ring box in his pocket. Plus, hes shy and I didn't think he would propose in a restaurant. So I wanted to leave dinner ASAP so I could see if he was going to do it! I adamantly refused dessert :) Oops. The waiter didn't know what to do. Brent went to the "bathroom" to tell the waiter to just bring it out when I was expecting the check. I kind of felt bad afterward because he had it planned out so carefully.
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    Nothing that I found out later but the sewer had backed up into our basement.  He proposed after we got done pumping it out.  For better or for worst, right?  It doesn't get much worst that standing ankle deep in sh*t. 
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    Those are all great! We definitely had a few: Fi proposed at my stepdads surprise party. The whole night my grandpa and uncle were giving him a hard time about putting a ring on my finger. He just laughed it off each time they brought it up, and he later said that he was laughing because they had no clue that he had the ring in his pocket. Lol. Since fi proposed at my stepdads party, which was at some friends winery, we were a little buzzed when we went on a walk to get some fresh air. When he asked me to marry him, the first words out of my mouth were "but were drunk!" lol. Oh, and he dropped the ring. And it has a scratch in it because of it.
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    One funny thing  that happened when FI proposed was that we were away in the mountains with friends for his birthday. He proposed right after we cut his cake. A friend excused himself after the cake, prior to the proposal to use the bathroom. When he finally did propose someone yelled "He went to Jared's" like the jewelry store commercial and the guy that was in the bathroom came back up and was confused and said "Man you go to take a crap and miss everything". We were all laughing so hard at that point.
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    Here's a sotry I can laugh at, but Fiance doesn't know... FI and I bought a house together about 9 months before he proposed. About a week before he proposed, he went out of town for a few days on business. When sorting the mail, I found the envelope from Jared Jewelers with Statement Enclosed stamped on the outside. Since we had looked at Jared's together previously, I knew what I found! I slipped it between a bunch of his junk mail and never brought it up.After the fact, he asked me if I saw the envelope. He said he was so pissed because Jared's had sent him "a bunch of things" when he was gone and was afraid I had figured it out. I just played dumb and told him I never saw anything. Why ruin it for him ;)
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    My FI proposed on Christmas morning by putting my ring on a new ornament and hanging it on the tree. Well he hung the ornament on Christmas Eve, and that evening one of the cats decided to puke behind the tree. Normally when one of the cats pukes FI runs for his life and I'm the one who has to clean it up. So I went to go clean up the puke behind the tree and FI wouldn't let me do it. I was so confused and kept trying to argue with him and get around him to clean it up but he kept blocking me and insisting that he would do it himself. I finally just gave up. I found out the next day that he had been panicking thinking that I would accidently find the ornament on the tree while scrubbing cat puke out of the carpet :)
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    I don't really have any funny story... FI proposed on our first night in Paris & in front of Notre Dame, he said he safety pinned the ring to the inside of his jacket because he was scared I would find the box or something like that would happen with airport security. So he has the ring pinned in his jacket, and he said he wanted to wait until we went to Sacre Coure but he (1) didn't know when we would get there (2) there are A LOT of pick-pockets and gypsies there, so he was scared to do it there after all. It was perfect, and obviously I didn't know about any of this until after the fact. :)
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    Let's start with the fact that Barry was mean to me! He was afraid that I would discover the surprise so he and my BFF devised a plan to throw me off the trail. Barry was very mean for about 3 weeks! He didn't do anything for my birthday or our anniversary and acted like I was a bother to him all the time. I couldn't figure out what I had done and since I was so focused on our problem I didn't even notice all of the signs pointing to a secret. Barry had spent 2 months picking out the perfect stone and ring setting. He set me up to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant with another couple that are friends of ours. What he didn't plan for is that I was so mad at him because he had been so mean lately that I refused to go! I told him to go without me because I was staying home to relax. He had to practically force me to go. I finally agreed and as we drove over to Charlotte it never crossed my mind that he might propose. Barry suggested that we order an appetizer while we waited and within a few minutes the waitress returned. She had a covered silver platter in her hands and she sat it down in front of us. Barry told her she could take the lid and when she did it revealed the most perfect princess cut diamond ring surrounded by red rose petals. I always thought I would be the girl that cried and screamed, but I didn't. Instead I sat there frozen in complete shock. Finally, Barry picked up the ring and said "Honey I was hoping that you might be willing to marry me?"  He put it on my hand and when he hugged me...then I began to cry
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    I have one. Is not funny but I'll never ever tell FI. Well when we got to Cali everything was fine, I didn't think he was going to proposed because that day we flew out west was the same day of our anniversary so since he didn't do it that day I thought he was going to do it for Mother's day. The next day he was asking me question as to how long to wait after the proposal to get married and we had a pleasant conversation. Afterwards we were getting ready to go to Universal Studios and he just left for a drive with my friend's husband. I was so mad because they had gone out the same night we got there (the night before) to a bar and now they left again so I was so pissed off because it was suppossed to be our vacation not theirs. Anyways after like 2.5 hrs they returned and we argued a little and then I gave him the silent treatment. When we were getting ready to leave my friend had to go get something in the car and when she comes up she starts acting a little weird. When we get to Universal Studios she pulls me to the side and says "I found a little bag from a jewerly store with a box in it, so I think is a surprise for you, now make up and treat him nice". I didn't know how to react, if he was going to propossed she had just ruined it for me. So I just decided to make up but was a little upset. On our way out he did proposed but I was kind of expecting it and I didn't know how to act surprise so I just got down and hugged him :-)), I think that's the reason I didn't cry plus I was too worry about everyone that was staring at us. I still thought it was special, but I always wonder if he would of still proposed if I would of never made up with him. I guess I'll never know.(sorry if this was too long)

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