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I should have used a Travel Agent

When I was beginning the DW planning process I was asked if we were going to use a TA. I kind of laughed and said no, why would I need that?? HA! Jokes on ME! I could use a TA now more than ever. We sent out the invitations a few weeks ago and we are starting to get people asking for all kinds of information. Information that is on our wedding blog, mind you. :) I guess no one payed attention to that information on the engagement announcement AND the STD. I just typed up this super long email to one of FI's friends, full of hotel and flight info, along with info on what we are doing (since everyone wants to know that) and events planned leading up to the wedding. Luckily I saved the info and made a Word doc I can easily just send to anyone.I'm really kicking myself in the rear for not using a TA!The thing is that everyone is so freaked out by Mexico right now, they really want reassurance that (1) we won't be mad if they don't come (2) they won't get kidnapped / murdered / maimed. So at the end of the email I included the info that they can easily purchase trip insurance that will refund their money if they need to back out at the last minute. I don't know what else to tell them.

Re: I should have used a Travel Agent

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    Don't worry-I think they still would be asking if you had a TA. I didn't use one-only bc I never use them for any of my trips. ANd I still don't regret it. I have people asking me the same info that is on our webpage, that was sent to them 3 times! ANd I have even sent individual emails to a few people-and they are the ones that are still asking! Some of our guests have never been out of the country-so I can understand their nervousness. But it gets old!
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    Sarah, you got it all together girl ;o) I'm sorry you're having to deal with those paranoid guests. I just don't understand why people have to be so freaked out by Mexico.  They make it seem like you're asking them to come to your wedding in TJ!! We've had guests have say the same thing and it bothers me because 1.) I'm part hispanic, so it offends me that they act like hispanic Countries are a piece of sh*t, and like there are no nice places to go to. 2.)  Because they haven't done any research on the destination we're having our wedding to determine if it's unsafe. We could get married in the states and get killed, I mean come on.
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    Maybe I'm just lucky for a change because I love my TA and she has been a lifesaver. I sent out an email with all of the trip info to everyone that is going and then gave my TA a list of everyone that would be calling her. It has been so simple that it's ridiculous! I think maybe she is just my wedding planner angel.
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    JSBB, you're lucky! haha Sarah, this post made me laugh because it seems we are always at the same point in time of planning......I was just about to post a long vent about this same thing!! Except we DO have a TA, and she's been pretty useless! And I had my first somewhat bride-zilla/wedding melt down today. I emailed my TA over 2 weeks ago and never heard back so I called her today. Anyways, its been annoying because everyone keeps calling or emailing with the same questions, and like all you girls, the info IS ON OUR FREAKIN' WEBSITE!!!! haha sorry...... and then people are saying they are finding better deals on expedia etc. So fine! Book with expedia, I don't really care who you book with as long as you're in the right place at the right time. But....keep in mind that those "cheap deals" also equal 3 connection flights and it takes 24-26 HOURS TO GET TO MEXICO versus the 5 hour direct flight that we are paying more $$ for through our package with the TA. Woah!!! Sorry ladies, and Sarah, kinda went off there. phew! I feel better haha
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