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Opinions- Private Excursion Not Private Now

Hi Girls,Sorry so long- I'm more of a lurker than a poster, but I have a in issue I need your help with.I've been planning a private excursion in Mazatlan for my group- we're coming in for the day by cruise ship.  I've been in touch with the tour guide for over a year now, and just as I'm confirming everything, he tells me he booked two randoms to come with us on our "private tour" because he forgot our tour was private.  Needless to say I was pretty pi**ed off and sent him an email how disappointed I was.  I just got an email back from him telling me that he's really sorry, and he's given the two randoms other options, or to let them cancel altogether, since it was his mistake.  Now I feel bad.  But I wanted the tour to be just our group, since our families are still getting to know each other.  I don't need Jean from North Dakota crashing.  What do you think, am I being a total b**** ?  What would you do?

Re: Opinions- Private Excursion Not Private Now

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    I wouldn't worry about it. I would want it to be private too and I have to think that those two random people would be completely uncomfortable with your group since everyone would know each other except them. Don't stress about =)
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    I totally get it. First off - you have every right to be upset. Second - I am glad to hear that your Tour Guide gave them other options! Also, if I was the other couple - if the guide called me and said that he forgot it was private, I would TOTALLY understand. I wouldn't want to feel like I was crashing a wedding! I wouldn't worry about it at all!!! Jean from North Dakota will totally understand. :-)
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    Thanks Girls!I know that they are hurting for business down there, that's why I feel bad.  But I'm kinda mad he put me in this position.  This particular guide has glowing reviews (which is why I decided to book through him), so I was surprised.  It just sucks, because this is the second time it happened.  I also booked a private yacht for our group in Cabo, and they tried to push me back to accommodate another last minute group.  I'm like really?  You want us to come later, well, we'll be back on the ship by that time!  Thanks for putting my mind at ease.
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