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We're on the market!

FI and I put our condo on the market this week - spent HUGE amounts of time de-cluttering and such and putting in new floors. Here's hoping it's going to sell FAST. Which it probably won't - we have it priced pretty high and that's the only way FI will move now. Is it bad that I'm pushing it nearly for the sole reason that I want us to have our casual AHR at our house and not someone else's? Anyways - just thought I would share. :) Hope you ladies have a super day :)

Re: We're on the market!

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    Nice! And to be honest, we're doing the same thing (and by "we" I mean "I"!) I hope we sell soon too because I just want to be able to have an at home reception at my home. It would be more casual and cost so much less. Here are some ::::: SELL FAST ::::: vibes!
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    Ohhh good luck, fast house selling VIBES headed your way!!
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    Robyn, you worked so hard on the floors! I know i wont be able to let them go :)We redid out floors, and our whole bathroom, and even though our condo is small, i wouldn't want to do it all again :)I am going to live in a 1 bedroom forever :)
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