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Great checks below - wasn't sure if you're still checking that thread. I am so glad those dresses worked out. I know my BMs love them!Did you find a photographer? Or decide on one? What else do you have left to do. Are you waiting for anything from me? Did I ever send you the photos of Krystal? I know I sucked at responding to your email. I'm so sorry!!!! I'm a horrible knottie!
Meghan and Jonny- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - May 1, 2010
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    Hey :) Sorry to hear your work situation is still "touchy". No worries at all Meghan, you have been very helpful, between the link for those dresses and your bio site with Krystal pics, its been great! In fact those pics allowed me to realize we are able to use the 7 columns for our ceremony because I could see ramps in your photos (my MOH is in a wheelchair) VERY helpful! pictures are worth a thousand words :) I haven't ordered the dresses yet but I decided at the last minute to ask a friend to be a BM and need one for her and I love them even more than the ones we have now :) Yay, we booked a photog! It's Carlos Melnik who did Katie's/kreeves wedding :) it was cool seeing her pics on FB. He was a good fit for us in terms of style and budget, woohoo. How are your plans coming along? I love that you're having it the condo's next to Krystal, I puffy heart your location! Hope things start to get better at work for you and kudo's again for standing up for yourself. Let me know if I can do anything! Thanks, nice "talking" with ya I just realized I use a lot of ! and :) in my posts....haha
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