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Another question for you...

Since you all were so fabulous last time. I have another q for you.We’re working on an article (for The Knot Newsletter) about new bachelorette party ideas/themes and want to know your ideas on creative bachelorette party themes (old bridesmaid dress party?), game ideas, recipes, invitations, and more. Thanks in advance for your answers!Feel free to post below and I'll watch the thread.
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Re: Another question for you...

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    Oh, Annie - you HAVE to talk to ChooGirl (Rose).  She's with the rest of us on the ND Nestie board - she had a GREAT themed bachelorette party at Foxwoods (possibly - or maybe Mohegan Sun) where all her girls paraded around in 80's bridesmaid dresses!  She had a photographer and has awesome pics of the night, too!HTH!
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    I second talking to Rose. She had an amazing bach party! I just did the usual: girls weekend in Atlantic City!
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    I am with pp Rose had an awesome b-party!  For my friend we are going to have a slumber party where we all wear PJ's.
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    I'm doing a girls weekend in Palm Springs! Can't wait, this is a relaxation bachelorette party.
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    Well, I don't drink much and am not really into the club scene, so we're going to rent out a suite in a hotel and have an old-fashioned sleepover, complete with everyone in pj's watching the movies we watched as kids and ordering in room service. When my bff got married, Oscar Mayer was doing a contest where you could win the use of the weiner mobile for the day. You had to write an essay that described what you would use it for and I entered. I told them I thought bachelorette parties with lots of male genitalia all over the place were sort of passe' but would LOVE to have the ultimate weiner display at her b-party. We didn't win, though. :-(
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    Because we're doing a DW I really wanted to keep my bparty local and low key.  We went on a local bar crawl in a school bus.  It was amazing!And lol on the Weiner truck.  FMIL always tells FI's cousin that she's going to bring it to her wedding ;).
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    I just went to a bachelorette party a few months a go and it was friday and saturday. Friday night we had a slumber party where all the girls had to wear sexy lingerie and stood up and played games and gave advice to the bride, and munch on finger foods. The next day we went to a beach and camped out all day. Latter that night we headed to the drive in movies. It was really fun.

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    I wanted my bach party fun yet relaxing.  I'm not a huge drinker and the whole bar crawl thing just isn't for me.  I had an adult toy pj party where all my guests had to dress in their pjs and slippers.  I also invited all the women who were invited to the wedding vs just the wedding party since I really didn't have one.  I know people turn up their noses at having their older relatives or the moms at bach parties let alone a toy party but we all had a great time.  I think we all laughed non stop until 3am.
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