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Hiyeeeeee!!!I just wanted to be cool and do a shout out too! Everybody's doin it! :o)Hope things at work are settling down a bit for you!

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    Nope, crazy weekends are crazy up until the wedding! I'm ready for a vaca NOW! I feel like I'm an emotional basket case these days!I don't blame you for obsessing about your pics! I think I will end up being the exact same way!! The ones on Leah's blog look AMAZING! I haven't gotten a chance to really go through and look at the others yet....oooh, but I will! :o)Not much left to do for the wedding, no. I've been working on our music playlist this week. I've still got a few minor paper items to print and still need to go for my 2nd dress fitting....all the big stuff is done though. I thinking packing and making sure I have everything is going to be the tuff part!
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