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Hi there!  Thanks for the feedback on Grandma Lulu's cookies.  I think they are the perfect DW favor and have read such good things about them!I did their email sign up and just got a $5 credit code towards my purchase of $20+.  Is that what you used for a free sample?  Or do you have a special code you can share with me :)

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    Ooh, no but that is a good coupon.  About 4-5 days after I signed up (and ordered) i got an email saying they would like to send me free samples.  So i signed up for it and sure enough, I got another set of samples, but the second time free.  They are really awesome, and the shipping is super fast.  I think I ordered them on wednesday, they shipped that night and I had them Friday, maybe.  I think that sounds right.   
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    Here's the code for the $5 off orders of $20+ :) SAVE5
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