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GBU time...Good

The flight to Miami on Continential was wonderful. The moment I mentioned 'wedding dress' they offered to put it in the closet. We left on time and arrived at Houston actually early. And the flight to Miami even included a meal! It was a great flight. We stayed at Embassy Suites Hotel in Miami the day before the wedding and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! They had complementary shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. And the suite rooms worked perfectly since everyone wanted to hang out with us for a few hours the night before. They had a Manager's reception with free drinks for a couple hours and even had a steakhouse. The food and drinks were great. And everyone was SOOO nice. The hotel even arranged for a larger shuttle company to come pick us up the next day to take us to the port - $10/pp. Very reasonable! The day of the wedding was a little touch and go at times but everything worked out fine. Everyone made the shuttle so we all arrived together. Royal Romance said everyone had to be at the port by 10:30 am. My 2 wedding coordinators and the officiant were suppose to meet us at the port at 10:30 am but they didn't arrive until 11 am. And we weren't allowed to even go through security until 11:30am. Everything was pretty smooth once we got onboard. The wedding ceremony was very short and sweet. I don't remember a lot of it while it was happening, but DH had tears flowing while saying his vowes. I almost lost it! I am going to contact Royal Romance on Monday to see if I can get a copy of the ceremony so I can have it. And I think one of our guests recorded the ceremony. We had a short 45 minute reception afterwards. DH's dad bought a glass of champagne for everyone. I was very surprised he did that for us, we weren't expecting it at all! We had purchased punch so it was nice to have some alcohol to toast with. I was not expecting the bridal party to talk but they did a great job. We even got to have a first dance - I wasn't prepared at all. I didn't even have a song picked out but they chose "Always Be My Baby" (I think) by Mariah Carey. And everyone LOVED the favors. I had several people tell me throughout the cruise they loved them since they had forgot to bring their sunscreen, aloe, and shampoo/conditioner. We did our TTD session the next day on Cabbage Beach (Paradise Island). It was a lot of fun. The day started out raining but by the time we made it to the beach it'd stopped. There were a lot of people coming out on their balconys taking pictures of us and yelling congrats. We walked the whole 2 mile stretch of public beach each way barefoot. I could not imagine a more perfect day or beach for our pictures. I can't wait to see them. As soon as we got a taxi to head back to the ship it started raining again. And the magic word in the Bahamas is "wedding". We got locked doors opened for us and got to jump lines at security check points. I couldn't believe it! The rest of the cruise was amazing! DH and I went snorkeling the last two days and saw a lot of things - tropical fish, starfish, anenomes, urchins, dolphins, a sea turtle, a manta ray, and a barracuda. I think we got pictures of everything except the sea turtle. We're thinking about going on a cruise in February to the St. Thomas area before he deploys to do some more snorkeling.

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