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NWR: Mini vent...

When it rains it pours.... So this morning I went into our vehicle to get my ipod out, which I happened to leave it in there last night by accident.  Well come to find out this morning it was GONE!! I knew the car doors were locked, so WTF... Well Colin just called me and said there are marks where they jimmied open the lock and stole it! Like when you lock your keys in your car and they use that hook thing to unlock, well some f!(&$(*&$ did that to our brand new vehicle! We haven't even had it a month!!!! WTF! Now we have to deal with the pointless police and everything! UGH! Ok rant over..... Thanks for listening!

Re: NWR: Mini vent...

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    Ugh is right!!!  What a PITA to deal with!
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    I'm sorry that just sucks!! It's not just that your ipod got stolen it's that someone invaded your space and your property.  I've had my car broken into, they stole $2000 worth of cds that I had aquired since I was a teenager and I never got a cent from my insurance company.  They also stole my gps but I could have lived without that I just wanted my cd's back :o( I hope whoever broke into your car gets their's twice as bad!!!
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    I'm sorry you have to deal with that! It really does suck! I can't believe people.
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    Sorry that you have to deal with this... what a jerk!  I guess the bright side is that they only took the Ipod and not the car.  HUGS and vibes they find this idiot!!!
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