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Cobalt Wedding Band

My fi and I have been shopping for his ring for quite awhile now. We thought we foudn the one until we came across a Cobalt ring. Completely new to us. We were looking at I think every other metal besides this one until that point. any of your husbands/fiances have this type of ring? Any feedback? I had never heard of it until Saturday!

Re: Cobalt Wedding Band

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    I don't know anyone who has one but it's just another hard metal.  Sometimes you'll find Tungsten rings with or without cobalt and I'm sure cobalt could be mixed in with others.  I think it's a combination of nickel and some other mineral so it hard and durable but not as hard as tungsten or some of the others.  If he's looking for a really light weight ring, a lot of people are going with tungsten or titanium.This may or may not help :-) 
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    I googled and it looks like some places use it in Tungsten rings.  Looks like it's not recommended to buy a ring containing it.  Of course, that's from a very quick google search.
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    Thanks ladies! The ring we were looking at that is Cobalt. It completely Cobalt...the cost is a bit more than titanium, but not as much as white gold or platinum. They are supposed to scratch much less that titanium, but do not require any upkeep like white gold...we are torn still....I'll keep doing some research on this. Thank you again!!!
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    Cobalt has a tendency to react with people's skin.  It is recemmended that if you get a tungsten ring you make sure it is cobalt free!  Read the section titled 'Should I be concerned with Cobalt in my ring?' here:
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