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NWR: favorite toys from your past

I stumbled upon some facebook flair that had a picture of my favorite toy as a kid - The Magical Musical Thing - and now I'm all nostalgic. Does anyone remember this toy? Gosh, I played it for HOURS! And I also loved me some Monchichis. I think my Magical Musical Thing is long gone but I'm pretty sure my aunt still has my Monchichis - dd would probably love them since she likes monkeys. :-) What were your favorite toys as a kid? Do you still have them?

Re: NWR: favorite toys from your past

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    I was a Barbie girl, but then I would build my Barbie's big mansions out of Lincoln Logs. lol. I really loved baby dolls when I was younger. I must have had a dozen different dolls.
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    My Rafiki stuffed animal from the Lion King. He went everywhere with me, literally everywhere, for about 8 years. I loved him so much that his waist looks like it was in a corset. He now proudly sits in my closet. I got him the day I became a vegetarian from Santa. I LOVE monkeys and I would carry around about 4 different monkeys, to the store, the skating rink, the mall, dinner. EVERYWHERE!!!! I hope if I ever have a daughter she just shrugs off peoples comments like I did and embraces her inner "momma"!!
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    My favorites were my Rainbow Bright doll, My Little Ponies and the Barbies. Out of those the only one I still have is the Rainbow Bright...all the Barbies were handed down to my cousins daughter and she still has them.
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    Ah, a walk down memory lane...Cabbage Patch kids and My Little Ponies!  I loved my Barbies and was a big time sticker trader :) 
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    Oh yes, I still have my Cabbage Patch Kids too.  All 19 of them.  They're in 2 huge totes in my closet - I can't bear to part with them for some reason.I also found one of my old sticker albums a few years ago.  Do they even make scratch n sniff stickers like they used to?  I remember they had smelly gym shoe scratch n sniffs.  lol  The only one that still had some "sniff" left to it was the skunk one - go figure. lol
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