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Poll: Dreams..

What is the worst wedding related dream you have had?  Lately for me it is me losing my job so I can't plan anything else for the wedding.
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Re: Poll: Dreams..

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    I really haven't had any WR dreams at all. I wonder if that's weird?
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    I forgot to buy plane tickets!!! Everyhting else was done the bags were packed and we were good to go, but no way to get there......Talk about freak out.
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    Two months ago -  It's early afternoon and everyone keeps telling me we're leaving tomorrow morning.  I haven't had my dress fitted, packed or done anything else to prepare.  In my crazy running around trying to get everything done I realize the wedding is in 3 months.  Yet everyone still insists we have to leave in the morning.Also, lots of them where either my hair is a mess or I've forgotten my dress or something similar.
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    We were riding a bus to the airport and you know those big ice chunks that form behind the tires on a car/truck from the snow? (those of you in the northern states will) There was a bunch of them in the roadway and the bus kept hitting them and breaking through them until we hit one too big and the bus tipped over! I also had one last night, we were on the plane to go but something wasn't right - don't know what because I woke up.
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    I had a dream that I was pregnant and fi was so thrilled and he said we can do this, it's not a big deal.  He was so supportive and I replied "What the F*** is wrong with you?!?!?!" haha he was so nice but I got mad.  In my mind the baby comes after the wedding.  So I was pretty upset when I woke up.
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    My first was not even about my wedding. It was Annie's Wedding (eamaines), she got married in PR. In the dream I was in PR helping her with everything, but it turned out to be a disaster, wrong place, wrong stuff, a flood and the wedding ended up being cancelled. Then for me it was similar to Mrs.McC...I woke up and I was supposed to be at the airport. I didn't have my dress fitted, nothing ready, nothing packed, but I had to leave or I would have miss the flight. I was freaking out when I woke up.
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    I've only had 1 WR nightmare. In it, I was all dressed and ready to walk down the aisle, the guests were seated, I could see FI standing at the front.... and I realized I had forgotten to hire an officiant.
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    I've had the same dream!! I got to Aruba and realized that I didn't have my dress fitted either! WEIRD!
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    I dreamed that my fi changed his mind and married someone else. It was terrible. I stayed mad at him for a day and the poor man didn't do anything wrong!
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