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NWR: Kinda sad today :(

FI left early this morning to visit his parents for a week and half. All this week I was excited for him to leave so that I could have the house to myself for a while. Well this morning when I dropped him off at the airport it made me so sad that I had to hold back the tears on the drive home. The house was so empty and quiet while I was getting ready for work :( Now I'm being all mopey at work and I feel ridiculous because he's only been gone for like 3 hours, and it's not like he's going to be gone forever. *sigh* Work's not helping because all I have to do today is a super boring project.We need some fun around here!

Re: NWR: Kinda sad today :(

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    Boooo! I'm sorry Alison ::HUGS::
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    Let's have some fun for Ali ladies! Here's a poll that was on the Nest.... was fun to read the responses! :) Have fun with this!!! How are you wearing your hair today? Down and curly What is your favorite pizza topping(s)? Pepperoni & Mushroom How long since you last looked at your wedding pictures? Last night! :) Say something nice about the person who posted above you!! Ummm unless anyone posted before I had the chance to get this done in time..... Tracy does great Monograms!!! :)
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    Aw I am sorry Ali.  I hope the week goes by quickly for you.
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    Awww...Sorry Alison, I know how much that sucks...FI is leaving Sun to go to Germany for the week and I hate it when he's gone...more because I'm a scarity cat and can't sleep very well. Try to find some intense DIY projects you can do to keep yourself preoccupied..that's what I plan on doing..{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}
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    ***Hugs***  I know exactly how you feel.  Fi is leaving in 3 weeks for his brothers wedding and I'm not going with him.  I thought I would be fine because he's just going to be one like 4-5 days but as the date gets closer I'm starting to get sad that he's going to be leaving me :o(So what I did was plan my weekend out so I'm busy.  I'm doing happy hour with friends, going birthday shopping for a friend, I need some new jeans, etc. So now I'm sad about fi leaving but also excited that I'm going to get new jeans haha Try to keep your mind on other things, it won't make you forget about missing fi but it will help you not be as sad.
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    That sucks, I hate it whenever FI leaves and he never leaves for more than a couple days. I don't sleep very well w/o him. If I could fly up there and keep you company I totally would =) Make sure you plan lots of stuff to do so the time flies by!


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    Booo...I'm sorry. ::HUGS::
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    How are you wearing your hair today? in a ponytail What is your favorite pizza topping(s)? Pepperoni How long since you last looked at your wedding pictures? don't have any wedding pics yet. not til April 2010, but I look at our couple pics everyday on my wall. Say something nice about the person who posted above you!! Alaskan Alison always has great ideas when people post questions.That was fun Shelli. I love the polls.
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    Aw, boo.  Sorry to hear you're down in the dumps, HUGS and I hope the time flies by!  I'll participate in the poll too for you!!!How are you wearing your hair today? curled but pulled in a bun because I hate it being in my face at workWhat is your favorite pizza topping(s)? Tomatoes, spinach, garlicHow long since you last looked at your wedding pictures? No wedding pics for me :(  but I look at our e-pic everyday bc it sits in my living roomSay something nice about the person who posted above you!! Jennifer takes really nice pictures!!!
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