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So what happened?

I am really not trying to start anything, but am dying of curiosity. I didn't read the threads earlier this week that led to the big dustup, but I kept reading threads from ppl saying they're sorry, and other ppl changing their usernames and stuff. Can someone fill me in? If you'd rather take it offline, my email is carrieoz_76 at yahoo dot com. Or I can DD this later. I'm just trying to fit the pieces together. Thanks!

Re: So what happened?

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    Ugh.  I've seen you on P&E and it was nothing like what goes on over.  Just something little that got blown out of proportion.  One of regulars here posted on the Philly board asking if anyone wanted to go in on a bpics session with her.  They thought she was a vendor and got upset.  Then she posted over here about how rude they were.  They followed her and it snowballed.  A few people got banned.  The Philly mod got demoted (not sure if that's the right word for it).  IMO just silly stuff that got out of control.
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    Oh. Yea, that's like a 1.0 on the P&E Richter scale. But no fun for those involved nonetheless. Thanks for the update, though. I keep reading references to it but couldn't figure out what in the heck happened.
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