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My first Saturday since...

This is my first Saturday since the beginning of August that I have NOTHING going on. I plan on finishing my invites, and updating my bio with pictures. Ahh, I love these lazy days--not mention there's an INCH on snow on the ground today--booooo!!

Re: My first Saturday since...

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    AHHHH!!!! Snow!!!! I honestly HATE snow and sad it will be here sooner then we know it! :-(
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    Good Lord where do you live that you have an inch of snow in October??? Wow!
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    Ha, ha. I live in Minnesota--and it's not typical to get snow in October at all. It's the first time we've had snow this early since 1977... and I HATE it!!
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    That's just so crazy to me, hahaha. I've never lived anywhere but N.C. and it's 80 degrees here today! That's wild that ya'll have snow already. I would be freezing!
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