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I almost strangled Aaron today!

Our couch is getting old and it was starting to get stinky so we decided to throw it away today. Anyway, we were standing at the door trying to wiggle it out and without telling me he pushes it back and right over my big toenail! OUCH! Anyway I checked out my toe and it's purple. Not 100% but a good chunk of it is purple!!!! I was planning on getting a french on my toes for the wedding, but if this doesn't grow out that's not going to happen.... and if my toenail falls of it's def. NOT going to happen! UGH!
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Re: I almost strangled Aaron today!

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    Ouch!!! Yeah, I probably would have snapped on Barry too. I'm picky about my toes. I've seen girls get tips put on their toes and then the french pedicure. Maybe that would be an option if it doesn't get better? Have a big beer!
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    Definitely have a tall cold beer. I would have freaked out, probably pouted and then refused to help :) Maybe in a few days when your toe isn't so tender try a nail strengthener. I use Nail Envy by OPI, it's about 8 bucks a bottle but has lasted me a year and I swear it really helps my nails grow!!! Maybe also demand a foot massage ;)
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    Eeek! I cringed just reading that! Stupid boys! I swear they aren't nearly as good at moving stuff as girls are. Ditto on the nail strengthener and a nice foot massage! Hopefully the color will go away, but if not, there are some really pretty neutral colors you could go with instead. I hope it heals soon!
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    Oh crap. Stupid boys! :(If the color doesn't go away or if your nail does fall off then I would just paint them a solid darker color. My roomie in college lost her big toenail and actually painted the skin (where the toenail should have bin) to look like a toenail. It sounds gross, but it worked! I had no idea she didn't have a toenail until she told me.
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    I think Aaron and Peter should hang out - they could buy cars on ebay and kill eachother all day.  I heard they're meant for eachother.  ;)  And then we get to hang out =)
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    Ouch!!!  I would have snapped on Harry too!  If part of it does fall off, they also have those glue-on toenails (like the glue on nails).  I tried the french ones a year ago and, believe it or not, they looked really nice; so you could always use that as a back up for just your big toe, and other pp had good suggestions too!  Toenails vibes and hugs!!!
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