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I'm a day late on the get to know you poll, but I saw your interesting thing!  Were you adopted?  I am/was and met my birth mom when i was 21 too.  So i'm always interested to talk to other people in similar situations.

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    I actually wasn't adopted. My parents got divorced when I was two, and my dad won custody of me about a year later. My mom is half Chinese half Laos and apparently where she comes from they don't really care about the daughters, so we basically just lost touch especially since I was so young. My older sister actually found me on the internet (before Facebook and Myspace), called me up and bought me a plane ticket out to Vegas where they lived to meet them. Definitely could have been a Maury show episode. I still don't talk to my mom - just a little weird after 21 years of never having a mom, but I'm close w/ my sisters :) there's actually one more of us that no one's been able to find yet. How was your experience meeting your Mom? Do you still talk to her?
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    Gina, So crazy, but that's awesome you have a relationship with your sisters.  I was adopted at birth, but reunited with my birth mom.  No other siblings from her, and my birth father didn't want to be found.  But I do have a nice relationship with my birth mom.  It can be awkward at times, but it's nice to know where I came from.
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