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July 2012 Weddings

So July brides...

How is being married? Anyone feel differntly? Granted I lived with my husband before we married, so I didn't expect things to feel any different. But every now and then when he calls me his wife, or people refer to him as my husband, I do get butterflies. He was not my husband for seven years, and now all of a sudden that title means a lot more than I expected.

Those of you that were going to change your last name, have you? I finally got my SS card changed so next will be driver's license and bank accounts. We already have a joint one, but it says my maiden name on it. Eventually we will refinance our mortgage, which currently is in my name, and share that as well. 

The only other difference is instead of constantly hearing,"When are you getting married??" we hear,"When are you having a baby???"

Anyone TTC or have babies on the brain yet??? I definitely suffer from BOTB...husband isn't really ready to have the baby talk although he will say we are working towards that sooner than later. I'm trying not to bring it up and pressure him, but it feels like the elephant in the room to me. 

Anyone miss planning the wedding? Not me! As much as I loved putting the wedding together, I am glad it's over with. I came to realize it is much more fun to be a guest in the wedding then to be the bride/groom!

Re: So July brides...

  • It feels no different to me, at all! Other than people calling me Mrs ****** lol I'm like "no, that's still his mom!" We are still getting congratulated though...we work for the same company, and I work at the IT help desk, so I talk to people all over the company. I find some every few days that I haven't talked to since the wedding, and they will congratulate me and ask me this same question lol

    I'm changing my name Oct 1st. The SS office is NOT very convenient...it's 20 mins away and open 9:30am-3pm : / I kind of work during those times! So I had to take a day off to go do it, and my PTO is limited since I took so much off planning the wedding...had to wait to work a holiday so I could get a floater to take :)

    As for babies...right now, we are planning to try at the one year mark, so next summer. We got a trip to Myrtle Beach from someone for our wedding, and are planning to go beginning of June. I'm HOPING to convince DH this would be a nice time to start trying, so we could try for a fun story of where baby was conceived lol but the chances of that are quite slim, I realize.

    I did REALLY miss planning the wedding the first month or so after we were married, but now, I don't miss it at all. I'd rather plan for future baby!!
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  • married life hasn't really been too different. =)  ditto on the butterflies thing =)

    As far as TTC goes...I'm always on baby fever...but I have one more year on BCP then I'll be off...so whatever happens happens =)  We're not in a huge hurry..some days I want one more than another...so to me that means a good year with just the hubby and I is good =)
  • Married life is great. We are talking about when would be the best time for us to have little ones. We have been talking about starting TTC after Christmas.
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  • I don't really feel any different at all... and I guess that's kind of the point! You get married so that the good times continue! Now instead of planning the wedding we are putting the new place together, which is taking forever. We need to plan a party or get-together to motivate us to finish up.
    Probably no babies for another couple of years. We did the long distance thing for so long, I just want some time to spend together!
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