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What is everyone up to this weekend?We are doing some home reno's... more like small changes and improvements than full on renovations though. We have to paint the ceiling in the bathroom, install the new shower curtain rod & curtain, hang drapes in the master bedroom, hang the blinds in the whole house, repaint the cabinets in the kitchen, change all the light switches & plates, hopefully hang a couple new interior doors because we have two damaged doors we need to replace. Somewhere in between all of this I want to see Law Abiding Citizen. And we still need to go wedding band shopping. We are going to try and get all of this stuff done this weekend because we are planning on moving in next weekend. I think the hardest, or at least most tedious job, is going to be the light switches and outlets. When we moved in half of the light switches & outlets were broken or missing so we decided to just replace them all with new white ones, since the remaining ones were all off-white or painted over. There are still a bunch of other things that need to be done, but these are things that we think will be much easier to do before we're living here - especially since we want the bathroom to be totally dry before we start taking showers in there.


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    Sounds like a busy weekend!! I'm about an hour away from home at a math workshop, so hotelling it tonight. Tomorrow when I get home we need to grocery shop and then we're doing the home inspection on our new place. Sunday of course, like you need to ask - football :) Hope everyone has a suuuper weekend!
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    You guys are doing what I've been doing the last few weekends with my office. Hope it all goes well. Friday evening FINALLY came, and I am sitting around tonight. Tomorrow is pumpkin carving with my dad (his favorite tradition) and Saturday is a bridal shower for my cousin. Have the invites finished, just need to find wedding bands and I think I'll be done with all the major stuff! Wow - totally ahead of schedule which is very unlike me. Usually I'm doing things to the last minute! Happy weekend!
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