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Morning girls!!

Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend...I had a "date day" with FI we went to the movies and dinner.  Sunday I worked.  My day to sleep in this week, but I had to get up and register classes for next semester at 6:30AM... I'm hoping to maybe take a nap today :-)Have a good day!

Re: Morning girls!!

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    Good morning!  I am home sick today..yuck.  Plenty of time to knot and play my new addiction, farmville on facebook..oh and catch up desperate housewives..does not sound like a bad day to me!!
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    I'm so jealous of you two!!!  I'm a work. again.  Gotta pay the bills somehow, I suppose.  I'm afraid it will be a pretty busy day - not to much knotting time for me today.  Have a great one!
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    Morning!I'm back at work today. I hate mondays.I spent the day yesterday hungover from my b-party. FI & I only went out briefly to go get pumpkins and then later we cooked dinner together and watched a movie! It was a nice relaxing day...besides being hungover of course!
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    Good morning ladies!  It's Monday, and two of my co-workers called out, so I'm on my own all day!  So exciting! (total sarcasm)  I'll be on vacation next week, so I just have this week to get through.  Can't wait.Have a great Monday!
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    Good morning!  This weekend was great; we had people over for cocktails/appetizers on Saturday and then went to a craft beer tasting and saw some fireworks later.Hope everybody has a good week!
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    Good Morning. Today is the start of my weekend, I worked on Sat & Sun.  I get my nails done in an hour, and maybe e-pics this afternoon, but I am not holding my breath.
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    Good morning!  FI and I attempted to apartment hunt but 98% of the places we went to look at are only open M-F 9am-5pm.  How in the world is someone who works suppose to go look at apartments when they are working?!We did get FI his shirt for his suit and our TTD session.  I also found my garter online and bought a new strapless bra.  I just need to go out and buy my 'chicken cutlets' now :-)  I'm also sick and feel awful.  I only have 8 days left of this election and I really CAN'T be sick right now.
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    Good morning girls! I had a good weekend.  My b-party was on Saturday and it ended up being a lot of fun! Alison - I spend my Sunday like you... severely hungover! :) FI and I cleaned up around the house on Sunday, ordered a pizza (bad, but I crave grease after a night of drinking), and watched Dexter.  It was a nice end to the weekend. I hope everyone has a good week!
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    Good morning! My FI went to our first bridal show this weekend.  I wish I would have went to one before planning our DW.
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    Morning ladies!FI was hunting Sat and working Sun so I was on my own this weekend. Saturday I picked up FI's ring (he loves it) and picked up my dress. I'm so happy I took my dress back in, it fits so much better now; I know I'm going to be so much more comfortable and confident in it. I went to my parent's house Sat & Sun b/c all my nieces and nephews were over there. 9 kids 12 and under.....I'm exhausted =) We leave in less than a week...woohoo!!!!
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