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January brides

The November Brides list got me thinking - does anyone have a list of January Brides?? If not I'm more than happy to start one...So who's getting hitched in January?? :)List whatever info you have right now:When is your LP?What date do you leave?When is the wedding date?When do you return?

Re: January brides

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    When is your LP? 1/4 (subject to change)What date do you leave? 1/5When is the wedding date? 1/8When do you return? 1/12
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    I'm a January Bride!!! Last Post:  Sunday, January 17thWe leave January 18We're married January 23We'll return on January 29  
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    Kimberley - Brides usually do their LP whenever they think their last chance will be to post on here. So whether it's the day before you leave or the day you leave, that's up to you. It's just like your "Good bye" to the other girls here before you go. You don't have to do one if you don't feel comfortable, but we would all be happy if you did! :) It's up to you.
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    Jumping in late as per usual... LP likely on new years day leaving Jan 2 big day Jan 6 come back Jan 9, then mini "honeymoon" nearby
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