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two receptions

My FI was born in the Bahamas. He has lived here in MN for most of his life but almost all of his mom's side of the family still lives in the Bahamas and will not be able to attend the wedding so we are planning on doing a second reception down there to involve them. I am going to do a later desert reception at his auntie's house because she has a huge yard and pool. But I have no idea what else to do?! How fancy do I make it or do I treat it just like a party?? Does anyone else have experience with this??

Re: two receptions

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    We're doing two AHR's as well. One will be here in California and the other in Minnesota. We're doing both of them very "laid back" if you will. Our California reception is being held in a very good friend's back yard. We're still going to have a DJ and rent tables, etc., but it will be more casual versus formal. Our Minnesota one is being held at a venue. Nothing too fancy. We will be having the food catered and there will be a band also, but this AHR too will be more laid back and casual as well. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to have your AHR's. It's entirely up to you. You can go all out with it and have it totally formal or as laid back as you want it and do a total Bar-B-Que style. All up to you! :) I'd say have fun with it and do whatever it is that makes YOU and your FI happy! :)
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