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Morning ladies!!!My AW today: 1 week from today I leave for Aruba!! Whoo hoo!TGIF again! Although tonight I have to go to a wake. One of my BMs father's passed away. So that's not too fun. :o(This weekend is filled with errands, hair appts, etc to get ready to leave!Have a great day and weekend ladies!!

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    Morning!! Yay for leaving in one week Alison ~ but boo for the wake tonight. {{hugs}} Today I'm actually going to FINALLY order my bridal party bouquets. Maybe.... I have it all ready to go, I just have to hit the send button, but you know how sometimes you're just so hesitant?!? Have a WONDERFUL Friday ladies!!
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    Good Morning and Happy Friday!Alison- I can't believe your time is almost here OMG how exciting yaaaayyyyy!Sorry about you BMs father :::Hugs::: to both of you.Shelli- GL and post some pics :-)

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    We are going to miss you so much when you go!  Shelli, where are you ordering from?  I have been tempted so many times to order rather than getting from the resort, but I force myself not to, lol.  Now that Toby's vet bills have gone through the roof I am spending NO money so it makes resisting easy.
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    Good morning girls!Alison - holy moly, one week!  That's just insane!  I hope you have fun this weekend getting all the loose ends together.  As for me, I have to work on Saturday and Sunday, and FI has a test and a huge paper due for his two online classes, so you can just call us The Borings this weekend.  :)
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    YAY Alison for one week!!! I have 6 days to go. And I still have to finish place cards, finish program fans, finish table #'s, start packing, finish card box, clean the house, do laundry, write an essay, write a speech and take a Stats exam. Can you sense the freaking out!!! Oh yeah and I have to work tonight, all day tomorrow and Monday night. Eeesshh what did I do to myself.
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    Morning Ladies- Alison you are getting so close congrats! Sorry to hear about your BM father. TGIF!!!! I have the day off again... woohooo.  No plans for the weekend. Hope everyone has a great day!
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    Good Morning!!  Yay for one week Alison!!! My weekend is looking pretty full so far.  Saturday I am going with my mom to an open house at the Culinary (sp)  Arts school, Sunday is my birthday so we are going out to celebrate, and Monday we are getting our passports taken care of.  Also we are taking care of a secret mission that I will let you all know about soon ; )
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