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I saw the pics of your MIB's and was wondering if you had any tips or can tell me how to burn the edges without making a mess? I'm going to do mine this weekend. Thanks.

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    I took one of those long candle lighter things that you just have to click to light and did it over my kitchen sink. Just start at one corner and light, then blow out. You can only do a few at a time, I started to get a little light headed from blowing out the flames, LOL.
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    :::: butting in :::: Because I did a gazillion of these, it was so much easier to roll the inserts... tie them with the raffia, THEN burn each side. They worked just as well, and although you only have the top and bottom edge burned when you unroll it, it looked so much more authentic than having all 4 edges burned. AND, it was so much easier and faster!!! Worked like a charm and no black soot marks everywhere!
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    Thanks! I'm working on that tomorrow night! Fancy saturday night plans huh?
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    What are MIB's? Whatever it sounds cool and I'd love to see a picture :)
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    Message in a bottle invitations or save the dates. Shelli and Gina both have some in their bios I think. They were quit inexpensive and so cute. I can't wait to do mine.
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    Oh gotcha! Thanks :) i was just asking "islandbound" about them (Michelle I believe) I saw some pictures on another post and they were awesome. I am going to have to start to do my research!
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