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Vent: Some people are jerks

A few weeks ago we had people over before an event.  This guy named Paul and his girlfriend basically invited themselves over.  Later in the evening, Paul comes up to me, grabs my arm, and yells at me that he is so pissed off that he didn't get invited to our wedding.  I tried being nice about it by saying that our venue was small but what I really wanted to say was "I don't even know you and you are a complete drunk and a loser so why would I invite you to our wedding!"Fi came up when he saw what was happening and let him have it and we left.Fast forward to this weekend and Paul shows up uninvited once again to our friends' housewarming party.  While I attempted to avoid him, fi made him apologize to me.  He came up to give some half-*ssed apology and then denied ever getting in my face.  He even told everybody that fi and I left the previous event because fi and I had gotten in a fight.  Now I don't want to hang out with fi's high school friends any more because I'm afraid this jerk is going to be there.  Would it be wrong if I just stopped going places where this guy was going to show up?

Re: Vent: Some people are jerks

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    That guy is an *ss.  Kudos to your FI for sticking up for you!  He sounds great...  Whether I would avoid those places would depend - are you friends with anyone there?  When he isn't bothering you, do you have fun?  Do others realize what a jack@ss this guy is?  Or is everyone else his best buddy?
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    Thanks...Fi is the best!Honestly I don't have that much fun at these gatherings because I always stay sober for purposes of driving.  Most people don't like the jerk but not enough to tell him to leave.  However, he's not even the most immature of the bunch; at the same party, somebody broke a bottle and didn't clean it up and people were emptying beer onto the carpet in the garage.  I was appalled; it was my friends' brand new house and the host's high school friends were acting like it was a frat party.  The hostess and I basically stayed in the kitchen and wondered who invited all these people.
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    How old are these idiots?  Pouring beer on the carpet??  At a housewarming party?  If I were that hostess I would have been p!ssed that my SO didn't kick the immature morons out of our new home.I think in that case, I would probably not attend many more functions with those people around...  keep in mind thought that Paul will likely talk crap about you behind your back...  But then again, you are an adult so take it for what it is worth!!
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    I say screw that guy, and don't let one person sway your decisions!  If you don't want to hang out with that group because of all the craziness, then don't go.  But if you feel like going or FI really wants to there with him, then just do your best to ignore him.
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    Thanks for the replies.  I feel so much better.  I can't really vent to fi because I don't want him to think that I dislike his friends.  These people are 27-30 years old!  The really rude bunch we are not close with but they can ruin events for the more mature people.
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    Wow.... what a jerk!? I'm sorry you had such an @ss up in your business. He had no right. I'd want to avoid him too.
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