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Ok, so trying to figure out what I am going to do for the corsages. I need a few of them... I want to do wrist corsages for both mothers and both my grandmothers (FI has no living grandmothers), and then I want pin on corsages for the 2 girls that are helping to 'manage the children' (they volunteered, but I would still like to give them something special even though I didn't ask them/make it a job/etc... they are the mothers of some of the kids in the wedding) as wella s a pin on corsage for the one female reader.

I want to do something simple with the grandmothers, and found these beautiful large white roses. I saw some pictures of a single flower wrist corsage, and that's what I'm leaning towards. Something like this:

I found an inspiration picture for the reader that makes me think of her personality while still being something I can make fit our wedding perfectly:

(I would change it to a black ribbon and tone down the greenery just a little).

I have for the two mothers that are helping with the children,not sold on anything yet. I am keeping to white roses for theirs, although undecided on doing one or two... Kinda thinking maybe just one white rose each and use some sheer ribbon to make it a little prettier/more feminine then a bout would be.

Then for the mothers I want to do a little more. I have red and white roses to use on theirs, as well as black and red sheer ribbon (I love the look of ribbon, not sure if I'll use the red, maybe just black... the red I was thinking more for the previous ones for the two helping with the kids). I have some ideas, but nothing that jumps out saying 'that's it'...

Any ideas/suggestions? I am open to anything on this one... TIA!

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