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Hi, I just went through your bio for like the 100th time lol, can you tell me the place where u got your oot bags, is there a website? I'm googling and it says a kutlery place???

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    It's Kane Home Industries and they are based in CA.  I think I can prob dig up the number for you, it was a pain to find. 
    I actually have prob 10-12 that I will be selling once I get my for sale bio up if you want to purchase those (not sure how many you'll be needing).  Email me if you're interested or want the number, drm6285 @ yahoo, and I'll give you a final count on how many I have left.  I also have some larger ones that are similar from Walmart that I didn't end up using at all. Just finished putting my OOT bags together tonight! YAY!
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