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Budget for Guests

While working with your travel agent or wedding coordinator, did you discuss a budget for your guests?  I'm looking for suggestions on a reasonable amount for friends & family to pay.  My coordinator gave me a quote (land only) $966.00 per person, 3 nights, all inclusive at Sans Souci in Jamaica (November 2010).  I kind of think that is expensive, especially after airfare is calculated.  FI & I traveled to the DR in July and were able to spend $600 each (airfare included) for 5 nights.  I'd like to keep my guests in the $500 - $800 range.  So what do you think is reasonable? And if you don't mind me asking - how much are your guests spending to attend your DW?  Or are you covering travel expenses?
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Re: Budget for Guests

  • I've never been to Jamaica but that seems a little high to me considering it's not including airfare.
    I would get a couple of quotes before signing an agreeement through one party.
  • That is high for Jamaica.  My guests are paying $605 for five days and four nights in P unta Cana plus airfare.
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  • Simply - I was hoping for my guests to get a deal similar to yours.  I thought the price seemed high and it didn't even include airfare!

    I have reached out to 2 other companies for quotes but does anyone know if Beach Bum & are affiliated? It's probably a coincidence but when I filled out an online request form for Beach Bum within 30 minutes my coordinated contacted me to see if I had any concerns.  Weird.  And I haven't been contacted by anyone at Beach Bum, I requested the quote a few days ago. 
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  • that is on the high side for jamaica. with that said, i am not sure of the quantity of closeness of your guest list if this is your immediate family or friends or if you have a larger guest list. we are doing jamaica but are staying at a private resort and its new so they had great deals but i know private nicer resorts do tend to cost more.
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  • I got married in Jamaica and that sounds high.  However, I know nothing about that resort.  My guests spent anywhere from $700/pp - $1200/pp depending on the room the chose (junior suite - private villa), length of stay, and city the flew out of of.  Most guests spent about $850 for 4 nights in a  junior suite from Baltimore. 
  • For Sandals Negril, depending on the room category the price for 3 nights as quoted by our TA (Beach Bum) ranged from $624 - $849 pp w/o airfare. 

    We ended up with 9 couples staying at our resort.  2 couples did choose a higher room category.  We also had some couples stay at other resorts...I think that they missed out on a lot, but that was their choice.

    We didn't (couldn't) help anyone pay for anything...not even day passes the day of the wedding.  We figured that if they couldn''t afford it, don't go (that sounds mean and I don't want it to...but that's how we HAD to look at it).

    BTW ~ I was just on the Couples website...I think that the quote that you got is per couple for a standard room.  You might want to double-check with your coordinator.
  • It looks like my guests will be paying around $900 to $1000 maybe but that includes a room for 2 at an all inclusive so its not as high as it probably seems per guest.

    We are planning on paying for our bridesmaids dresses for my girls to help them out a little bit and I am letting them wear their own shoes, in order to keep costs down some.

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